Red Haiku

December 23, 2011
December morning--
red bird in a white field,
songs ring out.~HAS 22 Dec 2011

The Last One

December 8, 2011
Well, after spending the weekend in the ER and being ill with two infections, I have decided to slow down. I just completed what I believe will be my last book of poems. I am sad and relieved at the same time. I will still write poems and other things and post them here but quiet and solitude are at the top of my list right now.

I am very grateful to everyone I have met in my poetic journey these past four years. It has been quite a ride. I look forward to what the future holds.

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December 7, 2011
I wrote this poem this morning:


Sinking into the circles
of Awa,
navy and grey-- my eyes
as I watch your letters
fly away over the surface of the sea.

Hiroshige painted waves
and I collect scraps of paper.
This is what the water gives me:
a recollection of what
the empty halls of my life
look like with all the posters removed
no residue
just wooden paneling that will be
cracked when the ocean comes through.

The Great Ocean gives and takes
ebbs and flows
creates towns and rips them away
over the cliffs

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Transient Angels release from Crisis Chronicles Press

April 28, 2011
I was informed tonight by John Burroughs of Crisis Chronicles Press that my full collection Transient Angels has been released! Please check it out if you get the chance and support John's wonderful small press!

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Translation in Pirene's Fountain

April 22, 2011
I am very happy to have a translation of one of my stories here:)


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tinfoildresses Anthology

April 7, 2011
Hi All!

We have decided to create an anthology of poems that have been published in tinfoildresses and have the proceeds go to the Red Cross efforts in Japan. More info to come soon!

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Another Poem at Crisis Chronicles Online Library

April 5, 2011

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New poem at Crisis Chronicles Online Library

April 4, 2011
I am so excited to have a poem here at John Burrough's fantastic online library!!!

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blackdahlia is live!!

April 2, 2011
Hi all! blackdahlia is live and includes work from one of my favoriite haiku poets from Cleveland, Ohio: Dianne Borsenik. If you have never read her work, you should!

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Medulla Review

April 2, 2011
I am fortunate enough to have two poems in The Medulla Review this month:) Jennifer Holly Bowles does a lovely job with this online journal. Check it out:


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